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Gluten free food at Kroger’s

Source: http://www.kroger.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/healthyliving/Gluten/Gluten_Conscious_Diet.pdf

Gluten Conscious Diet and The Kroger Co.
The following information applies to Kroger Private Label Products. Kroger Private Labels include the Kroger® , Private Selection®, Naturally Preferred®, ValueTM, Fred Meyer®, Ralphs®, Food 4 Less®, King Soopers®, Buena Comida®, City Market®, Fry’s®, QFC®, Smith’s®, Dillons® , and First Choice® brands.

Reading the Ingredient List: The Kroger Co. abides by all laws and good manufacturing practices administered by government agencies such as the FDA and the USDA. We cannot hide ingredients in our food. When reading ingredient lists, remember that all items contained in the product must be listed. For example, if a can of green beans states, “green beans, water, and salt,” those are the only ingredients contained in the product. If there is no ingredient list then the only ingredient is the product itself.
Sometimes you will see the term “natural flavors” in the ingredient list. Natural flavors may contain gluten. In this instance, you will need to call The Kroger Co. to find out if the product contains gluten. We will not divulge the exact ingredients in the natural flavors, as that information is proprietary. We will, however, let you know if the natural flavors contain gluten. Artificial flavors and spices do not contain gluten. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) will always be listed in the ingredient statement. It cannot be contained in natural flavors or listed under any other heading.

Wheat is one of the eight main allergens. Our Allergen Labeling Program was developed using the Food Allergy Issues Alliance’s guidelines. Both the Food Allergy Network and the FDA support these guidelines. As part of these guidelines, packaging for a food containing any of the eight major food allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish) will identify the allergen present in the ingredient statement. This means that products containing wheat will have a statement that looks like this: Contains: Wheat. This statement will be located under the ingredient list. Oats, barley and rye are not one of the main eight allergens and therefore will not be listed in a “Contains” statement. If there is any question about the ingredients, especially when natural flavors are listed, please call us.
Cross Contamination

The Kroger Private Label Products on this list do not contain gluten containing ingredients. We can guarantee that products that do not list wheat in the ingredient statement are free of wheat because wheat is one of the eight main allergens. Individuals in our manufacturing plants are aware of the serious nature of Celiac Disease and the importance of listing the Eight Major Allergens. When manufacturing lines in our plants process both foods with and without one of the eight main allergens, shared equipment is thoroughly cleaned or washed before products not containing any one of the eight main allergens are processed. If there is a possibility of cross contamination of wheat, the product will state, “May Contain: Wheat.” We recommend that individuals attempting to eliminate gluten from their diets not consume any items made in the store bakery or the deli due to the likelihood of cross contamination. This includes meat sliced in the deli.

Products with no Gluten-Containing Ingredients
The following list contains Private Label Products manufactured for or by The Kroger Co. that should not have gluten-containing ingredients. We do not represent that these products are free of gluten cross-contaminates, but unless otherwise listed on the ingredient statement, they are free of wheat. While we have taken steps to ensure that this list is accurate as of the date it was compiled, product formulations do change and it is possible products listed may be re-formulated to contain some gluten-containing ingredients. Some ingredient changes do not require changes to be reflected on the label (e.g. a change in the make-up of natural flavors). We will attempt to update this list and post it on www.Kroger.com when we become aware of changes. Many of these items are foods that inherently do not contain gluten, regardless of the brand, and you may be able to find other brands of these items without gluten. You are responsible for reading the label and verifying product ingredients at each purchase. Kroger is not responsible for any inaccuracy or misstatement in the list. This list was compiled on the date indicated below.

Kroger Shopping Cart Guide of Kroger Private Label Products1 for Gluten Intolerant Customers
To view the list, click http://www.kroger.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/healthyliving/Gluten/Gluten_Conscious_Diet.pdf The list is updated frequently.

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  1. I stopped etinag gluten because my daughter is coeliac and I had heard there can be a link with psoriasis (I’m not coeliac). I also stopped any creams other than moisuriser, so i would know if it was the gluten or not. My psoriasis has improved so much! Patches that have not improved for years with various creams have shrunk or disappeared completely.I started etinag gluten again so I could be tested for coeliac, and guess what, my psoriasis flared up again quite badly. I am now gluten free again now )

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